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Let's talk prices

In the spirit of accessible art, any listed price is flexible. I hear that you are interested yet budget-limited, so pick your piece and name your price, and we'll take it from there.

About the Artist

Who am I? Good question, friend, I haven't the darndest clue. 

Knower of little, receiver of much, I like to keep in touch with simpler things, softer ways. 

A mere being of 5 foot 2" you might occasionally spot in a flower bed or in your doctor's office. I might be holding a paintbrush or a coffee cup, a wooden spoon over a searingly hot pot. 

On my knees in prayer or in full belly laughter, 'cause life has many ways of teaching me.

And it forever begs the question:

"Who are you?"


Take note


The artwork has been photographed in daylight. Naturally, the light that shines through a window is infinitely variable. As such, I have done my best to convey the pieces online as they are received in real (human) life.

The gold pigment detail is tricky to capture in a still photo - but if you pay attention, it is visible in the photos. Know that the painting comes to life as the sunlight plays with its reflective properties.

As for framing, the main thing to ensure is that a UV-filtering substrate should be used. Otherwise, the colours will fade over time. UV filtering acrylic and glass materials are readily available with framers. There are some budget alternatives to traditional framers, do write me if you'd like to know more.

Oh, and do ask me about the family and friends special rate!

Please do not hesitate to write me with any questions or inquiries at:

 It would be my pleasure.

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